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Meet Dr. Wayne Pickstone
Dr. Of Chinese Medicine, Naturopath,
Herbalist and Business Coach.
Mentor and Mindset Coach to Elite Athletes.
Mindset, Wealth and Business Coach to Wellness Practitioners and Entrepreneurs.

Dr Wayne's Early Life 

Dr Wayne was born in outback Queensland Australia, in a small town called Charleville Queensland, Australia where schooling was difficult. At a young age he moved to Brisbane to have access to better schools. Learning and studying was difficult for him at school, he felt he never fitted in and he found it hard to talk to people.  

He nearly failed grade 12 and his first job was in the public service. He remembered his first pay cheque and it was only $57.00 for the week. How low paying was that but he was extremely grateful because he had a job. At 17 the public service was the only place he could find work because of his poor grades at school. At this stage of his life he hated studying at school but he loved sport. Therefore he seemed to do well at sport. he became a professional squash coach, played squash in the Brisbane Metropolitan A grade squad and nearly made the Australian mixed touch football squad.  

After six years working in the public service it left him feeling bored and brain dead. The public service literally taught him how not to work. It was soul destroying, a terrible way to exist and every day he could feel his inner light being put out.  

He wanted more out of life. During this time he became increasing aware it may have been the 6 inches between his ears that could change his life. 

So he read his first book at around the age of 22 and it was Think and Grow Rich. From there he read many motivational books, listened to tapes and learnt the art of setting goals correctly. He did more than listen, he studied and implemented their strategies from these books and tapes. 

Then, because of these positive mind set influences an injury that could have been seen as a terrible challenge turned out to be a blessing. Long story short .... that injury made him look differently at how an injury could be helped. He chose a different treatment path than the usual traditional method and he tried Acupuncture.  

Miraculously two things happened. 

Firstly his injury healed in only five days which normally would have taken 4 plus weeks through the traditional method and secondly his acupuncturist, David asked him to attend an open day at his college in Brisbane. 

That’s where Wayne fell in love with Acupuncture and the whole wellness industry. During the four years of study he resigned from the public service and went from job to job. Luckily these different jobs gave him the money to pay for his Acupuncture fees as theses fees were very expensive.  

He passed his exams with flying colours and his first degree was a Batchelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

He went on to complete 3 degrees in total. Now he is known as Dr Wayne.

Also it was about here that he learnt where you place your attention you can excel. For example Dr Wayne loved sport so he excelled. He didn’t like academia or books or learning so he didn’t do so well. Then because of circumstances he changed his thoughts to enjoy studying and learning so he excelled. 

Dr Wayne is letting you know this because as the saying goes, if he can do it so can you!

Dr Wayne's Career

In 1987 Dr Wayne opened his first home -based part-time clinic and in 1988 he was full time. In his full-time clinic, he was booked out on his first day because he studied in-depth about marketing 101. From there the clinic exploded and the clinic became one of the largest in the area. He quickly found that marketing was the skill that can transform any business. 
He learned there was more than one style of marketing. Large mega companies who spend millions on marketing use one style and the other is called EDRM. Emotional Direct Response Marketing (EDRM) is a marketing system that delivers results for any sized business. He quickly learned it didn’t matter what business you are in; it was your marketing skills that determines your success and the space between your ears (or better known as ones sub-conscious beliefs).
After 10 years he moved to be closer to his elderly parents. He and his wife started their second clinic from scratch. They knew they could make a go of it because they already understood EDRM. Their new clinic took off because of their intention (positive sub-conscious beliefs) and their marketing skills.  

During this phase of Dr Wayne’s career, he wanted to teach others what he learnt especially about marketing, how the mind is programmed and being an introvert, this certainly took him out of his comfort zone. He created a whole marketing system and took it around Australia and New Zealand. The introvert is now on stage teaching his peers.

He also kept on re-discovering something about himself. As mentioned earlier, wherever he placed his attention he surprised himself and he did extremely well. The new clinic was exceptionally busy with long waiting lists. Regularly, patients couldn’t get an appointment for 3 to 4 months. Their centre became one of the largest in Australia.  

Also, the marketing business was exploding, coaching Elite Practitioners and Small Business Entrepreneurs in their inner circle and speaking monthly in different cities around Australia. At his yearly super conference, for two years he gave away a car for one lucky attendee. 

Also, Dr Wayne was in an elite group of over 200 marketers and was awarded 
Marketer of the year.

Dr Wayne’s passion is seeing entrepreneurs succeed because of learning how to change their sub-conscious beliefs and learning EDR Marketing.

Some Business Facts . . . 
Firstly Did you Complete the above Survey.
NOW .... it's Your turn to Transform Your Life....... Your Business
We are a community of Business Owners and Wellness Practitioners where Dr Wayne provides cutting edge, market tested business and marketing mentor-ship, philosophies, solutions and support in order to maximize your success. 
30 Years Experience in Practice as an Acupuncturist. Medical Herbalist and Naturopath
Over 20 Years as a Business Coach to Small Business's, Entrepreneurs and to the Wellness Industry.
One of Dr Wayne's key concepts is to always have Ultimate Health because without Health you cannot achieve true Wealth or to put it another way what's the use of wealth without your health.
Dr Wayne is also a mentor to other Wellness professionals including Medical Doctors, Oncologists, Osteopaths, Biochemists, Pharmacists, Dentists, Naturopaths and Chiropractors helping them to improve their own health issues.
Over 100,000 Consultations
Passionate about Sport ....... especially Golf and Surfing and a Sport Enthusiast - Coach to Elite Athletes
Dr Wayne's Passion is Helping Wellness Practitioners, Individuals and or Other Business Owners / Entrepreneurs Build an Incredible Business through Personalized One on One Coaching creating the Butterfly Affect for Wealth Generation. The more people become wealthy the more we as a collective can help others.
Finding people’s gifts, talents, the ‘Genius’ within and releasing the internal saboteur that may be holding one back from realising their dreams, is one of Dr Wayne’s specialties, so that each person has a better chance of achieving their ultimate ambitions in life.
For those who would like to know . . . Dr Wayne first graduated with a Bachelor of Traditional Acupuncture in 1988.
Wayne then continued his studies and completed the following . . .

  • Doctor of Chinese Medicine
  • Retired Fellow of Acupuncture
  • Naturopathy
  • ​Nutritionist
  • Diploma of Herbal Medicine
  • ​ Registered in Blood Pathology or Blood Profiling
  • ​ Certified Genetic Profile Health Professional
  • Certified N.E.T. Practitioner
  •      Certified PSYCH – K Practitioner
  • ​   Certificate in Massage Therapies and Myofacial Release techniques including Bowen. 
Some HEALTH Facts . . . 
 Dr Wayne UNDERSTANDS that if nothing changes . . . “In the near future, health will be more sort after than gold, real estate, shares or anything material” and because of this, his passion is to help as many people as he can to achieve Optimal Health and Wellbeing is his Ultimate Goal.
Dr Wayne designs and conducts seminars in Life Coaching, Ayurveda and Wellness, along with a combination of the Mind and Body System. This encourages great personal and professional development for the attendee.
Dr Wayne has traveled extensively overseas studying different forms of alternative medicine. He has visited the United States many times and in 1996 he studied with Charlotte Gerson at the Gerson Institute in San Diego. Wayne has also traveled to India and South Africa. Wayne studied in Medical/Ayurveda Clinics in South Africa broadening his clinical knowledge in Ayurvedic medicine and massage.
Some Personal Cool Facts . . . 
  • I am a golf fanatic .. handicap once was 4 …currently 8
  • I'm a long board enthusiast . . . I fall off more times than not but love being in the surf especially at Noosa Heads Qld Australia.
  • I've jumped out of planes. Why you might ask and believe me at the time I wondered the same! LOL.
  • I disliked academia going through school and nearly failed grade 12 and then I fell in love with Natural Medicine and passed with distinctions
  • I found my passion and loved studying that much I did a triple degree. My first in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, the second in Naturopathy and the third in Ayurveda medicine. 
  • I love being in the water and I've snorkeled the Great Barrier reef .... uhmmm not all of it ... also Vanuatu, the Galapagos Islands, Noosa heads, Heron Island, Lombok Island, Hawaii, Los Carbos Mexico and many more
  • I've fished the Swains Reef, Masthead Island, Capricorn Curtis Coast, Noosa and many other idyllic places
  • I've studied and worked in Clinics in India, various US Sates, New Zealand, South Africa and nearly every State within Australia.
  • Ive meditated with 10,000 people
  • I've visited North America, Canada, Europe, South America, Galapagos Islands, South Africa, Asia, South Pacific Islands, Fiji and Mexico
  • I've spoken in front of over 1,000 people and just 1.
  • I've had one of the largest Naturopathic Businesses in Australia and was booked out for 3 to 4 months.
  • I have built or helped build 5 businesses from scratch and three of them had 7 figure turnover.
  • I've been the main speaker at my own events and gave away cars.
  • I've been a Professional Squash Coach and was one of the first teams to be fully sponsored and paid for wins and loses. It wasn't much money but it was a first.
  • I've won men's A grade touch football grand finals throughout the State. I've been the president, the captain, helped with coaching and helped set up one of the largest touch football clubs in Australia. I've played for my home state and nearly selected for Australia. Yes nearly ... an interesting story I would love to tell you personally one day.
  • I've lost many matches as well. In both Squash and Touch football. 
  • I've failed and I've won.
  • I've been to thousands of seminars, creating a huge knowledge base that I love sharing. 
  • Watching clients go from ill-health and ill-wealth to Health and Prosperity is my Passion
Some Family & Other Facts . . . 
  • I fell in love and fell deeper in love when I saw Karon in her wedding dress
  • I cried during each of our four children's birth. I think I was more like a sobering mess.
  • I cried some more at my first Grand Child's birth. Seeing your eldest daughter hold your first daughter is humbling.
  • I love the conversations I have with my four children now that they are adults.
  • I love traveling with the family. 
  • I laugh under water every time I fall off my long board 
  • I love the noise a titleist golf ball makes when it is hit from the tee.
  • Being in Gratitude with humility is important to me. Sometimes I get there.
  • Taking full responsibility for everything that happens in my life is my passion. It's difficult but I keep trying.
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